Days 1 – 7

hmm, well, I do believe I may be off to a bad start! I was supposed to write daily, and it seems to have already lapsed somewhat! ha! Not to worry, we can bend the rules to suit, provided the number one thing has happened (if you’ve already forgotten, it’s to read something everyday).

Day 1
I happily devoured John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines. It was a delightful read with much hilarity leaving you with a wont to read more John Greene. In all honesty though, anyone who’s as obsessed with Marcus Zusak MUST be an excellent author!

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

Day 2
In homage to the late great David Eddings, I decided it was high time I re-read the Elenium Trilogy. The Diamond Throne is what it promises, although I like Sparhawk, I keep pining for Silk and Belgarath. We’ll see how it goes second time round!

The Diamond Throne

Day 3
Half way through The Diamond Throne, and sadly, it isn’t as great as I remember it…although I’m probably subconsciously comparing it to The Belgariad!

Day 4
YAY! Finished The Diamond Throne, please please please hurry up! I want to finish this trilogy quickly! There are too many good books out there! I have too many books on loan, and have bought too many books to read in this lifetime. Sorry David Eddings, but The Elenium is starting to tire me. It’s terrible I know. Sometimes you just shouldn’t re-read a series. ooo, I’m now mildly distracted by the allure of American Gods (Neil Gaiman)…concentrate! I MUST finish this series.

American Gods By Neil Gaiman

Day 5 + 6
The Ruby Knight – Book 2! It’s still slow going, but I must admit the characters are great, I really enjoy them, but the story is somewhat lack-lustre. I loved this series so much about 10 years ago, but i can’t help shaking the feeling that “there’s a quest, there’s a stone shaped by a god, there are broad swords and there are the gods” I may have heard all this before.

The Ruby Knight

Day 7
The Ruby Knight – part 3. Here’s hoping to get onto the next book soon! In the meantime, I will dabble a little with nent. I should also finish at some stage The Great Fire and . I’ll get there…Oh yes I shall… until the morrow, adieu.

The Lost ContinentThe Great Fire

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