The Sapphire Rose

The Sapphire Rose

Well, I finally got there! After zipping through he Ruby Knight, I made it to the final book in the trilogy (well sort of, considering the next trilogy follows on).

I must admit, that this is my favourite book in the trilogy, and thank goodness it’s more enjoyable, otherwise there may have been tears! Although, I’m positive I shan’t be moving onto the next trilogy, I would rather leave the memory of how good it was in my teen years unmarred.

So far so good, but no matter how I try to seperate this trilogy from the other Eddings series, I can’t. There are too many similarities and even character quirks that seem to have come directly from the Belgariad. Still, a worthwhile series to read, but after having re-read this trilogy, I would recommend that people read the Elenium before they venture onto the Belagraiad, that way they will probably appreciate it moreso than reading it the other way around.

I’m looking forward to my next book, so here’s hoping The Sapphire Rose will conclude tonight! (Fingers crossed).

Until tomorrow, happy reading!

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