The Elegance of the Hedgehog + The Lost Continent

I understand how this book became an instant bestseller. It is wonderful, poignant, witty and an absolute delight to read!

The characters are a breath of fresh air, funny and realistic and all the while you really wanted the Hedgehog to break her habitual facade and let the tennants know just how wonderful she really is! What a joy to read!

Be prepared for tears (something i did not expect and were brough on quite suddenly), but altogether a superbly written novel, and a brilliant read. This is one not to miss!

Since the last post, I also have finally finished The Lost Continent…. It’s a hard one to call, I must admit. There are moments where I was laughing out loud and really enjoying myself, but were too swiftly followed by being mortified and offended.

The books is fun to read, but at the same time, it is one man’s journey (albeit a meiser’s journey) across America, and although entertaining to discover America with him, there seems to be lacking quintessential facts about the places you may one day wish to travel or even about Bryson’s trip itself. Read it for yourself and make your own decision!

For now, I must get on with The Great Fire (this has so far been the bane of my reading existence and I REALLY hope to finish it by the end of the weekend). As you can probably tell, it has not been the most diverting read, but my fingers are crossed for the next half of the book!

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