Little Lady, Big Apple + Wildthorn + The Great Fire



Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne was a surprisingly entertaining sequel. Little Lady Agency was a wonderful, sweet book; a great debut novel, so I was expecting the sequel to live up to my memories of the first. The characters in Little Lady, Big Apple were funny, and made me laugh even more than the first novel, especially Melissa’s father and sisters, yet I wanted to really whack Jonathan around a bit. The hero should never be annoying and whiny, especially since he was soooo lovely in the first! Sadly, he becomes an annoying prat whom you hope Mel will dump, quickly. The one thing that was surprising about this book was the writing style, as it is very simplistic, and due to this, I found it a little disappointing. Still, I am curious to read the third (and hopefully final).



Wildthorn by Jane Eagland may even make it to the books I definitely recommend never to read. The book is historically inaccurate, and the language used is annoying to say the least. The protagonist is weak and evokes no empathy from the reader, nor does she provoke a need to finish the book. I was disappointed (putting it mildly) and really hoped that Jane Eagland would have pushed the boundaries more accurately.

Above all, I found the language that was used, rather condescending to young adults. The people whom pick this novel will be by no means unintelligent, and dumbing down English does not endear this novel to their hearts, nor enrich their minds. I guess if you are looking for something quick and easy, this novel is worth reading, however, if you are expecting something substantial, you may be disappointed.


The Great Fire

The Great Fire…what can I say? Hmm. I feel so many different things regarding this novel. One thing I really wish was that I had read this novel in another forty years. This novel is perfect for someone wishing to reminisce, yet I feel that life experience is important to be able to appreciate this novel.

It was so beautifully written, it made me ache at times, but there were other moments that I could not relate to in any way as I had not yet experienced such emotions. Empathy has limitations dependent on your personal life, what you have learnt and what knowledge you have gained.

I understand now why many refer to Shirley Hazzard as the one of greatest authors of our time. She has such a subtle prowess at writing that encourages you to read and develop your own emotions regarding characters and situations.

There are many characters in this novel, and it’s almost written as though the first half (before the discovery of love) is dreary and mundane (yet rich language is used) and the second half feels as though an awakening has occurred (which in this instant, it has) and we discover what it is like to feel and to love and to live our life with tribulations and with forbearance, as there will be great reward at the end.

The characters in this novel are interesting and even intriguing at times. You end up wanting to know more about them, how they end up, how they live their lives, but at the same time, you’re not disappointed if you don’t. It’s a novel that is hard to describe and communicate what you felt reading it. The best thing to do is to read it, but after you have lived many years!

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