Libba Bray, Stella Gibbons and Richelle Mead…what a mix!

Rebel Angels was a great finish to an interesting trilogy.

After having read A Great and Terrible Beauty, I was unsure as to what could be expected from the following two books. In fact, I was surprised to hear that they were to publish more. There was so much promise and so much potential (regarding A Great and Terrible Beauty), however the second half of the novel was one of the biggest disappointments in YA. Having said that, it is still quite a good read as it is very well written. When the next two books were published, I got quite the surprise, but still, bought them and read away.

The Sweet Far Thing was everything the first book promised to be, and the ONLY disappointment was that you had to wait until Rebel Angels to complete the story! Rebel Angels was well written, wonderful suspense, with a rather lovely story. One of the elements I really liked was that there was no ending of convenience, even though things tied up nicely, that’s not to say that there were only happy endings. The character development was great, and I think Libba Bray depicted young ladies of the era down to a tee.

It’s worth reading if you like mystery, magic and Victorian era novels, especially for YA fans.

Cold Comfort Farm was a wonderful, fantastic and hilarious novel. I haven’t enjoyed reading this much in a long time.The characters were fantastically depicted, the introductions were hysterical and overall the story was terrific. I’d also recommend reading the intro before reading the novel (in the re-released Popular Penguin Edition).

I think it’s definitely a novel you wish to revisit over and over again, if only to re-read “I saw something nasty in the woodshed…”. I’m kicking myself that I had not read this novel before now!

Do yourself a literary favour, buy this book and read it…NOW!

Blood Promise was everything it should have been. Out of all the YA Vampire genre books, the Vampire Academy series is by far one of the best. Richelle Mead knows what she is doing as an author, and her work is wonderfully organised, makes sense and there never are any plot holes. Her characters are fantastic and believable. Rose and Dimitri, or Rose and Adrian? Who can say? Who knows? What will happen in book 5?

This book was action packed, emotional, and funny. It really was a great read, and I’d recommend this book as a must read for anyone loving the vampire genre! Plus, there are still two books to come!

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One Response to Libba Bray, Stella Gibbons and Richelle Mead…what a mix!

  1. sarah says:

    I love Cold Comfort Farm – I’m reading it at the moment. I only just stumbled upon your blog and it looks lovely – I’m always looking for reading recommendations. Keep up the good work!

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