Non-recommended books

This page will hopefully be updated on a not-so-regular basis (I really hope not to read crap).

The books/journals/articles etc are in no order of preference, however I may go through them – depending on my outrage that the piece was ever published – and arrange it in order of my wrath…or however I feel at that particular point in time!

One last thing to let you know before the list-that-should-never-have-made-it-out-of-so-and-so’s-head-and-was-published, are what the codes stand for next to each book:
DB – don’t bother
H – how can I get back the hours of my life that I wasted reading this book?
A – artwork brings the whole book down/ or is the books only saving grace..dependent of course on the book
C – crapola
CC – crappy crapola
CCC – crappier than crappy crapola
T – throw it as far as you possibly can away from you

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (H CCC)

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (D)

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (CC)

Harry Potter 5 – 7 (CC)

How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (T H)

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland (DB H)


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